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A Bit About My Dental Background and History

Cosmetic dentist, Los Angeles, Holistic Dentist, Dr Paul O'Malley, Minimally Invasive Dentist, Biological DentistIn 2014 I celebrated my 30th year of practicing dentistry. In that time I have accomplished a considerable amount from placing over 11,000 veneers to most recently being admitted as a Fellow to the highly regarded International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics.

To help you better understand my grounding and philosophy as a dentist I thought it would be helpful to understand and know a bit about my history and background in this field.

I began my life and career as a Dentist at the University of Creighton, where I graduated in 1984 from their Academy of General Dentistry.

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Why Is Minimally Invasive Dentistry Better for You?

Dr Paul O'Malley, Natural Cosmetic Dentist, Holistic Dentist, Biomimetic Dentistry, Los AngelesWhich would you prefer? Minimally Invasive Dentistry or Aggressive and Invasive Dentistry? Most would choose the minimal approach but unfortunately many individuals remain uninformed on this subject.

The art of repairing teeth, gums and dental function with the least destructive, aggressive approach is what “Minimally Invasive Bio-Cosmetic Dentistry” is all about.┬áIt means creating the minimum of impact upon the tooth, the minimal removal of natural tissue and the use of the most durable, long-lasting and bio-compatible materials for the patient.

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What Makes This Such an Unique Dental Practice

dental veneers, after picture of cosmetic dentistry, dr paul o'malley, long term veneersDiscover our Unique Cosmetic Dentistry Office in Los Angeles, California

Here is something pretty unique: we are located within a full-scale, professional dental lab. While we had to sacrifice the beautiful exteriors for a more industrial setting we decided that the quality of service and value this move delivered to our patients was well worth the sacrifice.

There is a HUGE advantage to you by having a dental office within a professional dental lab. Rather than sending out to a lab, or having to cope with dental pieces that aren’t “just right”

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